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Paper-based technical-organisational measures

The form „Record of processing activities + Data Protection Impact Assessment“ has been extended to include paper-based technical and organisational measures. Under question „12. Is the processing digital or paper-based?“ you can choose whether the processing is digital or paper-based technical-organisational measures. The selection determines the further content of the […]

Adjustments to tile processing activities as contractors

The tile and the corresponding form ‚Record of processing activities for processors‘ have been renamed to ‚Processing activities as processor‘. Question 2 ‚In which affiliated companies is the processing activity also operated?‘ has been renamed and reads: ‚Which affiliated companies commissioned the processing activity?‘. Additionally, the automatic subscription of the […]

Update form Joint Controller

The form of the Joint Controller tile contains now a text field as part of question 2 for further descriptions.

Update form Websites

The form Websites / Web Applications has been extended, so that generally online presences can be documented. New documents are created using this extended form. Existing documents remain in the old structure but can be also accessed via the „Websites / Web Applications“ tile.

Simplification of workflows

We have simplified the workflows for creating required documents in certain forms. In the form „Record of processing activities + Data Protection Impact Assessment“, at the selection of processors for the question „Which processors support the function of the processing activity?”, new processors can also be created. By clicking on […]

PDF export of individual documents

In versioned documents under „Show more actions“ (circle with the three dots), there is a new item „Download PDF“. It allows the export of documents as PDF files.

Assessment of the need for a data protection impact assessment

In the form “Record of processing activities + Data Protection Impact Assessment”, the free text field for the explanation of the necessity of a privacy and data protection impact assessment is permanently displayed. Thus, an assessment can be provided, even if a privacy impact assessment is not necessary.